Do Americans living in Mexico pay income taxes?

Answer U.S. citizens living in Mexico and elsewhere must pay taxes on their income. According to the Internal Revenue Service, any income earned by U.S. citizens and resident aliens is taxable regardless... Read More »

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How many Americans e-filed federal income taxes for 2007?

In 2007, approximately 22.3 million taxpayers filed their federal income taxes directly from their homes. An additional 55.7 million taxpayers had their returns electronically filed by authorized t... Read More »

Income Taxes for Living in Two States?

In an economic climate where it may seem that "everyone" wants your money, sometimes two different states may have a justifiable claim to your income tax payments, depending on certain living and w... Read More »

How is living in the U.S. different financially than living in Mexico?

Living expenses can vary drastically between the U.S. and Mexico, depending on where you live in and your preferred standard of living. However, financial expenses are generally lower in Mexico tha... Read More »

HEY AMERICANS! how much income tax do you pay per level of income?

It sounds like you're asking about the marginal rate, i.e. the rate in each "tax bracket."We pay federal and state taxes. Since there are 50 states I won't detail all their rates, but here are the ... Read More »