Do American people REALLY google these questions about British people lol ?

Answer Being an American I can say those are exactly the type of questions Americans would google. Though I think the bad teeth stereotype has died out somewhat. Admittedly I wondered about a couple of th... Read More »

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Do British people like American food?

What exactly is American food?We have burgers and doughnuts in the UK too....

Do people that ask questions on Y!A not know how to use google?

there are definitely some questions people ask here that could be done on google...but a lot of peoples questions are way to specific (or random) to be searched on google i guess. people do ask for... Read More »

Why can't people just Google their questions?

GREAT QUESTION AND STATEMENT!!!Here's another one: why the heck are people asking EMERGENCY medical questions on YA!???? I just saw one about someone's Lab having seizures or something like that? W... Read More »

Why do people not google questions before asking on y!a?

I agree with you entirely because quite often the answers are, use Google.