Do American airlines have the same regulations as European airlines?

Answer Airlines that operate in Europe are subject to regulations imposed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), while airlines in the United States are subject to the regulations of the U.S. Fede... Read More »

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Baggage Regulations for American Airlines?

American Airlines flights typically allow passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one checked bag for no additional charge. Specific conditions vary according to your flight's origin and destinati... Read More »

Luggage Regulations on American Airlines?

Bring all your travel necessities with you on your next trip in a suitcase, duffel bag or similar piece of luggage. Like all airlines, American Airlines imposes various regulations, rules and guide... Read More »

Baggage Regulations & Restrictions for American Airlines?

American Airlines has specific baggage regulations and restrictions pertaining to how many bags a person may travel with, the fees for extra baggage and when baggage can be checked.

Do United Airlines& American Airlines have an interline agreement?

While both American Airlines and United Airlines have partner airlines, they do not have an agreement with each other. American has 21 partner airlines, while United has a business agreement with 3... Read More »