Do Alzheimer's patients see only in black& white?

Answer Alzheimer's patients do not see in only black and white and retain their ability to see many colors, with the exception of blue. A patient's ability to distinguish between blue and violet colors de... Read More »

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If i have colored ink only and want to print a black and white text will it come out black and white?

It depends. The answer is Yes if the printer doesn't normally have a black ink cartridge. If it normally does have one it will probably not be black and white.Just a quick why. Some printers mak... Read More »

Why do dogs only see in black&white?

It is a common misconception that dogs see only in black and white, but research in the area has revealed dogs to have dichromatic color vision, or the ability to see two colors.The StudyA definiti... Read More »

Can dogs really only see black&white?

On One Hand: Dogs See More Than Black and WhiteThere is a common misconception that dogs cannot see color, and although they might not have the same spectrum of color as humans, a 1989 study by Jay... Read More »

New plasma tv only showing black and white?

This is a $400 repair. The tv is dying. You need to tell us what you get with over-the-air reception and no cable or tivo. You should be able to pick up at least 2 local stations. If they are blac... Read More »