Can two people with brown eyes have a baby with hazel eyes?

Answer Yesno because of the genetics it would be impossibleyes, because it happened to me

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Do people with narrow eyes see the world narrower than people with wider eyes.?

i dont think so... i am oriental but i dont think my mindset is narrower than anybody...i understand and consider so many things in life but i get to chose in things i deem only acceptable to my st... Read More »


When you say red eyes, I assume you mean the iris (the colored part, like blue, brown, green) right? Those people have a recessed gene, not a BAD gene. Typical in an albino person (no skin pigmen... Read More »

Is it possible for people to have REAL purple eyes?

now would that be a dominant or recessive trait?sorry, havent heard of it. must be recessive. extremely recessive. so recessive it might not even exist. ;-)well, that would be for the irises.accord... Read More »

Can blind people have normal looking eyes?

Yes, some blind people can have normal looking eyes. If the back of the eye is affected, the front of the eye may look totally normal. Of course some blind people don't have normal looking eyes. S... Read More »