About Mammals for Kindergarten?

Answer Breaking animals up into their appropriate subcategories during lesson plans gives children the opportunity to learn how to analyze general information. By breaking down this larger grouping into s... Read More »

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Are earthworms mammals?

Earthworms, which are cold-blooded invertebrates, are not mammals, which are warm-blooded and possess internal skeletons. Members of the class Mammalia include humans, felines, canines and bears. M... Read More »

Are grasshoppers mammals?

Grasshoppers are not mammals. They belong to the class of creatures called insecta. Mammals belong to the class designation mammalia. Unlike grasshoppers and other insects, mammals can feed milk to... Read More »

Mammals of the Tundra?

A tundra is a type of biome or ecosystem located in high-altitude mountains around the world (alpine tundra) or in the area encircling the North Pole (arctic tundra). The word "tundra" originates f... Read More »

List of Marsupial Mammals?

Around 250 marsupial species are known to exist. A marsupial is a mammal that carries its young in a pouch, called a "marsupium," although a few species do not have a pouch. The mother gives birth ... Read More »