Do AC Adapters Charge Laptops?

Answer Although some laptops have batteries that can be charged in external battery chargers, most laptops charge their batteries via AC adapters plugged into electrical outlets. The first time your lapto... Read More »

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Do toshiba laptops require oem replacement ac adapters and battery packs?

Hey Answer Czar;Any compatable battery or adapter will be fine, it doesn't have to be OEM.

How do I charge a cell phone using laptops?

Charger CableTo charge a cell phone using your laptop, you'll need a USB charger cable that may have been included in your cell phone starter kit. If it's not, you can purchase one at your local wi... Read More »

What should i do to save my laptops battery charge?

1. reduce your screen brightness as much as possible2. use the power saving settings in Control Panel3. disable any wireless connection you are not using

Why are laptops called laptops if you're not actually suppose to sit them on your lap?

Well, when they were initially released they were supposed to, but then a few laptops exploded and.. putting it nicely.. people were hurt where it hurts the most.. and sued the laptop companies.. t... Read More »