Do 4g you phones have ip andresses?

Answer Depending on what iOS you have it varies, if both iPhone 4 and 3GS had iOS5 the only difference would be not having the switch camera button in the Camera App and FaceTime.

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Why do people have home phones...if every in the family has cell phones Isn't it a waste of money?

Wait until there is a storm and the power lines get damages and te cell phone towers go out of service. You will be glad to have a land line with buried cables. Also cell phones microwave your brai... Read More »

Does San Diego have bus stops that have pay phones?

None of the bus stops in San Diego have pay phones. However, they are all equipped with overhead hangers and seats. Especially in today's cell phone-driven times, many of the pay phones in the San ... Read More »

Would a cell phone retailer have phones that maybe a provider wouldn't have anymore?

Maybe. Some stores seem to still have it or really similar one. Hmm it would be a good act to contact those stores by phone and get to know if they have any available in their warehouse. For exampl... Read More »

Do pay phones have caller id?

no, that's why people who sell drugs (lol bad example, oh well!) usually call from a payphone, because they cant trace the call