Do 3d blu ray dvds play on a blu ray player?

Answer Yes. The only difference between a regular Blu-Ray and a 3D Blu-Ray is that the 3D Blu-Ray ALWAYS plays the movie in 3D

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Will new Blu-Ray dvds play on my older dvd player And will HD dvds play on a new Blu-Ray player?

Why does my Blu-ray player not play some dvds?

Can you play uk blu-ray dvds on any blu-ray dvd player?

No, Blu-Rays region coded for the United Kingdom will not be playable world-wide. Three region codes are used for Blu-Ray movies: A, B and C. The UK is designated as region B, so disks region-coded... Read More »

I have a 3D tv do I need a 3D DVD player to play 3D DVDs?

Yes, you need a new Blu-ray player, one that has 3D capability. Plus a new HDMI cable. Plus Blu-ray discs that have 3D encoded on them. Plus special glasses made for your TV.Do you mean "convert"?... Read More »