Do 32 bit games run on a 64 bit operating system?

Answer 32-bit games can run on a 64-bit operating system. However, they might run much slower or require new drivers for operation. A driver is a piece of software that allows the operating system to com... Read More »

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How to Install New Operating System Without Having to Reinstall Applications Installed on Previous Operating System?

It really becomes cumbersome and time taking when you want to format [to install a new operating system or want to reinstall the existing operating system] your operating system and you have to ins... Read More »

What operating system are you using?

Main machine - Vista Home Premium. Backup machine - XP Home Pro (SP2)Laptop - Vista Home Premium. I also have 3 unites for sale that all run XP Home (SP2). Why do you ask?

Which operating system are you using?

wonDOZE SUCKS so I use a better faster and easier program that is totally free... ubuntu11.10 no defrag, no registry, no antivirus no firewall no probs and the more you use it the faster it become... Read More »

What is the best operating system for me?

Windows XP Pro is the best and least bugging