Divorce Petition for Texas?

Answer A divorce case in Texas commences with the filing of a petition in the district court in which one or another of the spouses is a resident. Texas law mandates that certain provisions be included wi... Read More »

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How to File an Original Petition for Divorce in Texas?

To file an original petition for divorce in Texas, one of the parties must have lived in the state for at least six continuous months and in the county where the action will be filed for at least t... Read More »

What is a petition for divorce?

A petition for divorce is a legal request made to a court that asks the court to dissolve a marriage. The petition can be filed by either party within the marriage.InformationAlthough requirements ... Read More »

How do I amend a divorce petition?

LawResearch the laws in your particular state regarding amendment to pleadings. A pleading is something filed in court asking the court to do something. A petition is a pleading. States will vary s... Read More »

How to Amend a Divorce Petition?

A divorce petition is a document that is filed to start the dissolution of a marriage. Occasionally the petition will need to be modified to change the language within the petition. To amend the pe... Read More »