Divorce Laws and Health Insurance in Michigan?

Answer When a couple divorces, the family's health insurance coverage may need to change. For example, one spouse may have provided all the medical benefits for herself and her spouse, as well as their ch... Read More »

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What happens if your ex wife is still using your health insurance after the divorce and you are not responsible per your agreement for her health insurance?

Answer Contact your insurance company and let them know IMMEDIATELY !!!! Are you paying premiums for her?

How many people in Michigan don't have health insurance?

As "Michigan Live" reports, a U.S. Census Bureau study released in 2009 reveals that as of 2008, the number of people in Michigan without any form of health insurance (whether private- or state-fun... Read More »

How much is the health insurance licensing fee in michigan?

As of 2009, an application/license fee of $10 must be paid to the State of Michigan before a health insurance license is issued. This fee may be paid in the form of checks or money orders made out ... Read More »

Must a husband in a divorce pay for his wife's health insurance?

A husband is not obligated to pay for his wife's health insurance after a divorce. She may opt to continue coverage under COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), but she would be re... Read More »