Division by zero when the program is executing is an example of a ___ error?

Answer Runtime error

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Error in my shape program...please help!!!?

Delete this sneaky semicolon here in your Shape abstract class:public String toString;{I think everything else is fine, you CAN use a "return;" statement in a void method without any values or obje... Read More »

What is a registry error repair program?

A registry error repair program corrects errors in Windows registry files. These errors typically cause a computer to run slower and go through periods of instability. Some of these repair programs... Read More »

What is the reason of runtime error (abnormal program termination) and how do you resolve it?

It may or may not be caused by a System Registry setting. (And the Registry definitely does not store everything important, especially not emails.)The problem could be something as simple as a mis... Read More »

How do i make a zip file self-executing?

Select all the files you want zipped and add them to the archive. Enter the name of the zip file and if desired, assign a password to your zip folder. Locate the option for "Create Self-Extractor (... Read More »