Disturbing spirits: help PLEASE!?

Answer I used to have the same problem... got so bad I started praying to the Porcelain God and he exercised those spirits right out of me. Wasn't pleasant though.

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What do you mean by "Spirits" in this category do you actually see "Spirits" when you get drunk?

Didn't you know this is the section for the supernatural?....We should ask Ms Leepal to join us here....

This is a little disturbing... o_o?

It actually is normal because there is really no such thing as normal. Everyone is different when it comes to masturbation. Some people don't do it, some do it all the time, and some start very ear... Read More »

I warn you this is a little disturbing.?

I used to fancy Mighty Mouse, which is far worse. But I remember the spaniel you mean and he was pretty fit!

How to Forget Something Disturbing?

Incredible as it may sound, 60,000 thoughts flit through our brains each day. A good portion of those thoughts are ones we had the day before. This makes trying to forget something disturbing even ... Read More »