Distinguish between democratic condition and non democra tric condition?

Answer It helps them save time ,reduces the paper cost which are used in DFA's (Draft for approval) makes thing run very quickly.

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If you were treated for a condition in April and got insurance coverage in May would a claim for treatment in October be a pre-existing condition?

AnswerPropably. Did you have prior insurance? For more info see and scroll down the pageAnswerDepends on the diagnosis: broken arm? No .... allergi... Read More »

If a heart condition needing surgery is discovered right before a 6 month gap in health coverage can the new insurance plan consider it a pre-existing condition and refuse to cover?

Answer Yes, the lapse must be less than 63 days. For CA Small Group Reform at see

Distinguish between democratic and nondemocratic conditions?

Wat u will do when some one is in a bad condition?

I'd call 911 and that's about it. Too many people are suing each other for stupid crap; I'll be damned if I'm going to get sued over trying to save someone's life. (I've had military first aid tr... Read More »