Distinguish Difference of 1g and 2g wireless network?

Answer it depends on what u pick 4 ur contract.

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What is the difference betwqeen wired network and wireless network?

In a wired network, all devices are physically interconnected by cables or wires.They are generally faster and more secure than unwired networks.they ve a large carrier capacity..talking about unwi... Read More »

I have a wireless network and a wired network. I want to extend my wireless range.?

Use another router, and best to use a new SSID and key. If a laptop has both wireless properly configured, it will switch to the strongest one.You could use a router as a switch/access point. Log i... Read More »

How to Distinguish the Difference Between Love and Lust?

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Can I use a wireless router to connect a PC (no Wireless Adapter) to a wireless network?

I understand what you are trying to do.Most routers can not be used this way.For some routers (e.g., older LinkSys WRT54G models) you can find third-party alternative firmware (e.g. DDWRT). This a... Read More »