Dissolvable Stitches On My lip!?

Answer Put a cloth between the ice pack and the stitches. You should never apply an ice pack directly to the skin. Yes, water will make them dissolve faster.Use a dry cloth between the ice pack and the ... Read More »

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Is it okay to take a shower with dissolvable stitches?

Generally speaking, if the incision area is well healed and not draining, the dressing can be left off and you can shower."But i dont want to screw anything up..." -- Then phone your surgeon's of... Read More »

How long does it take dissolvable stitches take to dissolve?

About 5 days. It's not uncommon for them to take a little of a week, though, to dissolve.

How long does it take for dissolvable stitches to dissolve after a dental surgery?

I'm a dentist.3-0 chromic gut or 4-0 chromic gut is likely what was placed in your mouth. It's what I use, and it's what I've always seen used.It typically takes at minimum one week for the suture... Read More »

Is it ok to remove external stitches in 7 to ten days even when there are internal stitches that will desolve?

I use to be a nurse and it is best to let them go on their on. Do not touch them or they could become infected if not completely healed.