Disposal of Boric Acid?

Answer Boric acid occurs naturally as a component of many minerals, in sea water, many plants, and in almost all fruits. Industrial preparation of boric acid is done by treating borax with a mineral acid,... Read More »

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Is boric acid a polyprotic acid?

Boric acid is not a polyprotic acid. Polyprotic acids contain multiple hydrogen protons and fully disassociate (dissolve) in a water solution. Sulfuric acid is a type of polyprotic acid. In contras... Read More »

Is boric acid a Lewis acid?

Yes. A Lewis acid is an electron pair acceptor. The boron atom in boric acid, B(OH)3, has an empty shell, able to accept a fourth electron pair. For example, it can accept oxygen's electrons in an ... Read More »

Is boric acid harmful?

On One Hand: Can Be Harmful to HumansThe Environmental Protection Agency places boric acid in the moderate acute toxicity category for its oral and dermal toxicity and because it causes eye irritat... Read More »

Cockroaches & Boric Acid?

While many people are frightened by insects in general, the cockroach often elicits the most disgust. Unfortunately, the cockroach is also one of the most common household pests. Besides evoking re... Read More »