Disposable Piercing Tools?

Answer Piercing is one of the oldest body customization methods available for mankind. Along with tattoos, pierces can give you a different look and feel, allowing you to express yourself. However, safety... Read More »

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Cartilage Piercing Tools?

Cartilage piercing is a common form of body decoration. Professional piercers use several different tools when piercing ear cartilage. Many professionals choose to pierce cartilage with just a hand... Read More »

Belly Piercing Tools?

The trick to safe piercing is having quality tools. Just as the most dangerous knife is a dull knife, the most dangerous piercing tools are those that are out of shape or not appropriate for the ta... Read More »

Grundomat Piercing Tools?

In the past, a large area of ground would need to be removed before an underground pipe could be repaired or replaced. However, current technology offers a piercing, or boring, tool by Grundomat. T... Read More »

How to Visually Imitate a Belly Button Piercing Without Actual Piercing?

This is a guide on how to create the look of a belly button piercing with non-piercing body jewelery, and also, on how to make non-piercing body jewelery. This information is useful for teenagers w... Read More »