Display setting help?

Answer Sounds like it could be one of three issues:1) If the "distortion" is simply a stretched screen, then by changing the vertical and horizontal stretch controls on you monitor (those physical menu b... Read More »

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When i switch my computer on my monitor display setting keep changing . i have to adjust setting every time.?

Hi,Please do the following-Right click your desktop> Properties> Settings tab and at the lower right yu'll c Advanced tab. Click on it.Here yu'll find three radio buttons under 'After I change Disp... Read More »

I need help with setting-up Windows 7 Interent setting?

you dont have to provide any username or password..just plugin your modem or router whatever u use.If u have ur modem drivers installed properly,it will automatically detect the router..there u hav... Read More »


You ordered home theater gear, but you do not have an AV Receiver with a subwoofer output to do bass-management.It is basically NOT compatible with your computer.You have also failed to tell us wha... Read More »

Help setting up two HDD?

HelloI gather that the two hard drives are new. In this case you will need to format the second drive before it will show in my computer. Here are the simple steps to follow.1. Click Start > Run > ... Read More »