Display is not working when i start the computer?

Answer Just remove the RAM and rub it with an eraser on the either side of the RAM,to clean it up..... now fix the RAM properly into your system..... and tada..... your system will work perfecty now..... ... Read More »

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Every time I turn my computer on and I start working on it , it turns off unexspectly?

Check your cpu fan and the exhust fan for the computer. if it's a desk top of course. if it's a laptop make sure the vents are clear of dust. tur the laptop on it's side with the vent facing down a... Read More »

Display drive not working ._.?

Hello, Microsoft answer desk is free, give it a try and you will like it. This is new and very good... Here is theold stand by H... Read More »

Canon camcorder display not working in record mode?

Turn on the camera and press the Menu button, then press the right arrow button to move over one column to the Setup menu (looks like two tools). Scroll down to the language selection.

When I push my CPU button to start my computer, a beep sound continues, but my computer doesn't start. Kindly?

Chesk about power .... or change the power of you're computer to 110v if it is 220v ... and obisite