Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered?

Answer If you're not overclocking, then there might be 3 reasons for this:1. Your power supply unit is inadequate for your machine. Because you overclock the AMD FX CPU which will draw as much as double t... Read More »

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'Display driver stopped responding and has recovered'?

I would try updating your video drivers, if this doesnt work check out the link below

Display driver stopped responding and has recovered?

Reinstall you graphics driver. Go to the manufacturer's website to get the driver. You need to select the driver that is specific to your graphics card. To find out your graphics card model, do ... Read More »

I think my CPU count causes my 'display driver' to crash and 'stop responding'?

CPU load in itself shouldn't be a problem. But when a CPU or graphics processor chip is working hard it draws current more frequently. This current causes the chip to heat up. Hence, all computers ... Read More »

Display driver stopped working on dual screen setup?

Ever stop to think your display driver might have had to pull in for a pit stop and pop into the pub for a lager or two? No you didn't, did you?*Mumbles* How selfish can some people be? Pfft! :P