Dislocated knee cap! please read?

Answer You do not need the "immobilizer" as long as you are healed. If not completely healed, you will still feel the Pain under the Doc Palpation as he will try to mobilize the Knee Joint. He will tell... Read More »

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I scraped my knee but it's not scabbing. Read description please?

If you wan't it to scab you need to let it oxidize. Once it scabs put some topical antibiotics and a bandade on it.Goodluck!

Why does my knee hurt when I do physical activity PLEASE READ!?

maybe you've been working it too hard or made a wrong turn sometime throughout your day?that happens to me all the time, just don't work out that day and rest your body, and you'll be fine the next... Read More »


I think I dislocated my knee earlier?

If it is not dislocated now and it was dislocated then it knee has probably been partially dislocated. This means it dislocated but when back in again. U will not be able to walk with one crutch. U... Read More »