Disk defragmenting?

Answer it puts all your files in order , so your PC can access them quicker. it is like if you had a book and all the page numbers were mixed up . it would take you time to read it quickly as you would ha... Read More »

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What does disk defragmenting accomplish?

This is your hard drive before a disc defragment...00000 0000000 000000 000 0 000000 00000000 0000 00 0 00 00 0 0000 0000And this is your hard drive after ... Read More »

What's the risk of defragmenting your disk C without necessary memory space?

What you need is 15% free space for it to work in putting the files together. Delete all the old files you no longer need until you reach that level.... Hey, I enjoyed your question, I have worke... Read More »


No, what's the point of defragmenting daily. That's overkillI do it every 6 months

Defragmenting too much..?

if u use ur pc a lot and download lots of files etc once every week is ok...if ur a normal user u shuld defragment once every 2 weeks to a month.......10 or 1 time per day will hav the same result ... Read More »