Disinfected cds and dvd - anybody know why won't they play?

Answer A brief cleaning with bleach water should not damage a CD or DVD so long as it is quickly rinsed with clear water and dried immediately. However, leaving them for a long period of time in a caustic... Read More »

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Hey everybody! do anybody know where are they hiring in NYC (brooklyn, queens, and manhattan)?

Who the hell would hire you? No capitalization of the beginning of a sentence, no capitalization of proper nouns, improper grammar.

Does anybody know a godd way to annoy telemarketers when they call?

Whwn they call, either pretend you're crazy or (I like this way better) just say, "Can you please hold on sir/madam?" and just never pick up the phone and reply again.

Does anybody know of a place where they sell cheaper miss me jeans?

I knew a new site which have various jeans. but I don't know whether where you want to in… there are free shipping now and cheaper than other st... Read More »

What do i do if a buyer buys 1 of my items off ebay for a ridicolous amount of money that i know they wont pay?

I wouldn't send the item until it has been paid, can you not report them if they don't pay?