Dishwasher does not drain the water what is the problem?

Answer The drain is clogged. Check the strainer at the bottom of your unit. Always rinse your dishes of food before putting them in the washer.

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If you have loud noises in your pipes when the dishwasher is run and then you find the dishwasher didn't empty the soap or run water do you have a plumbing problem or a problem with the dishwasher?

Answer The problem is the solinoid valve in the dishwasherPay your water bill

If the water does not drain out of the dishwasher What is wrong?

You paid an annual percentage rate of approximately 57.4%. Working through the math, the dishwasher was $250 if bought outright. You paid $20 at the time so you were financing $230 ($250 - $20) an... Read More »

Why does dishwasher water drain out backing into the sink?

What causes the sink overflow to drain water when using the dishwasher?