Dishwasher does not drain completely after last cycle?

Answer 2200 watts is the power consumption - from Ohm's law you can also calculate the following :Amps=w/v hence if this is on a 120V circuit then Amps=18.33 is it is drawing the full power. You would nee... Read More »

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Brand new Dishwasher doesn't drain completely?

How do you drain a dishwasher that stopped in the wash cycle?

Firstly try switching it off then on again and it should empty. If it does not then the likelyhood is that water has leaked into the 'sump' (the base of the machine where there is a float switch wh... Read More »

Why GE Triton dishwasher does not remove all water after rinse cycle?

How do you run the dishwasher without using the heater to dry the dishes at the end of the cycle - you need to run filters through your dishwasher to clean them but was told not to use the heat cycle?

Electrical Energy is added to the vacuum cleaner as input. This energy is converted to mechanical energy with heat energy and sound energy being wasted.