Diseases of a Flowering Cherry Tree?

Answer If you own a flowering cherry tree in North America, you are not alone. These trees are prized for their white, to pink, to bright-pink flower blooms that they have. But, these trees are susceptibl... Read More »

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How to Buy a Flowering Cherry Tree?

Flowering cherry trees are excellent additions to a landscape. During the blooming season, flowering cherry trees are vibrant and showy, making them prized by gardeners and arborists. The cherry bl... Read More »

Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree?

Close relatives of backyard stone fruit trees, flowering cherries sometimes bear edible fruit--treats for birds and other wildlife. But like flowering plums, apricots and almonds, flowering cherry ... Read More »

How fast does the flowering cherry tree amanogawa grow?

The flowering cherry tree amanogawa (prunus serrulata) grows about 10 feet in 10 years. Its full height at maturity is 15 to 25 feet with a horizontal spread of approximately 5 feet. It is short li... Read More »

How to Plant a Flowering Yoshino Cherry Tree Over 10 Feet Tall?

A flowering Yoshino cherry tree produces a beautiful crown of pink flowers each spring. If there comes a time when your mature Yoshino cherry tree needs moving to a new location, take precaution to... Read More »