Diseases of African Gray Parrots?

Answer African Grey Parrots are simple yet beautiful creatures. They make great pets and can live a very long time---50 to 70 years---as long as they don't fall ill. There are a number of diseases that Af... Read More »

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Diseases of African Grey Parrots?

Like any pet, even the best-cared-for African Grey parrot can develop health problems. Some health problems are caused by contact with other diseased pets, and some problems are due to poor breedin... Read More »

How to Build an Aviary for African Gray Parrots?

African gray parrots are said to be the smartest birds on the planet, possessing the intelligence of a five-year-old child. They are capable of distinguishing between colors, objects and people, a... Read More »

Timneh African Gray Vs. Congo African Gray?

African grays, though not the most colorful of parrots, are the most intelligent. They bond quickly with humans and can be dedicated pets. Gray parrots are either of the Timnah or Congo variety. Ea... Read More »

What do African grey parrots eat?

African grey parrots eat fruits, sprouts, grains and commercial pellets. Varying the bird's diet keeps it interested in new experiences. Calcium is an important part of an African grey's diet becau... Read More »