Diseased Ornamental Pine Trees?

Answer Ornamental plants usually include aesthetically appealing shapes, scents and flowers. They provide texture and color to a landscape, and ornamental pines will do so year-round. A number of ornament... Read More »

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What to do about pine trees with diseased needles on the bottom branches?

On One Hand: Diseased Needles Can Be TreatedPine trees are susceptible to a variety of blight diseases caused by fungi that turn the lower branches brown. Pine blight can sometimes be controlled by... Read More »

How to Save Diseased Oak Trees?

Typically, a disease is a sign of a deeper problem with a tree. Although a wide variety of diseases and fungus can infect oak trees, typically a healthy tree has some disease resistance to begin w... Read More »

How do I debark pine trees infested with mountain pine beetles?

Debarking Pine Beetle-Infested TreesCut down the tree infested with pine beetles, leave it in its place and as soon as possible strip it of its bark. (Letting the tree dry out allows the sap to glu... Read More »

Name of Pine Trees That Produce Small Pine Cones?

Pine trees grow in forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Their cones, which come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, bear the seeds through which pine trees reproduce. Many pine trees p... Read More »