Disease-Resistant Apple Trees?

Answer Apples are a pleasure to eat, but not always fun to grow. Most varieties are vulnerable to a great many diseases and pests, and the need for special equipment and sprays can become daunting for the... Read More »

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Disease Resistant Crab Apple Trees?

For years, the crab apple tree (Malus sp.) has provided gardeners and landscapers with a flowering, smaller growing, ornamental tree with a number of uses. Unfortunately, due to the high rates of ... Read More »

Dutch Elm Disease Resistant Elm Trees?

Dutch elm disease (DED) is a devastating tree fungus that seriously damages and kills elm trees of many kinds. America has had its taste of the damage: Dutch elm disease all but wiped out American ... Read More »

Are apple trees resistant to cedar gall rust?

Apple trees are not resistant to cedar gall rust, but the disease also requires a juniper plant to complete its life cycle. Cedar gall rust, also called cedar-apple rust, is caused by the fungus Gy... Read More »

What is the most disease resistant tomato?

Something that grows fast and prolific and lasts a long time into cold wet weather.Mostly hybrids that have disease resistant parents.