Discuss and estimate Percentage severity of burn in the young children?

Answer If your baby got a fever you should take him/her to the doctor so that they can provide some type of medicine for it.

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How to Estimate a Percentage?

A percent is the ratio of some number to 100. For instance, the ratio of 20 to 100 can be expressed by the fraction 20/100. This fraction has a decimal equivalent of 0.20 and a percentage of 20 pe... Read More »

How to Calculate & Estimate the Percentage of a Number?

Percentages are used everyday: at home, at school, at work and everywhere between. Discounts, taxes and loans are all figured in percentages. A percentage is a proportion of a number expressed as a... Read More »

I work in a day nursery with young children how can the setting support vulnerable children and families?

Well, bullying can be as simple as lightly teasing someone to make other people laugh. Have you done that before?

What was the name of the special that John Ritter did with his first wife when their children were small about how children take what adults say literally and how that plays out in their young minds?

I think the programme is The Secret World of the Very Young.If you take a look on the IMDB website you will find it on there