Disadvantages to Eyebrow Threading?

Answer Eyebrow threading is now a popular way of removing unwanted eyebrow hairs. This method of hair removal originated in Persia and is widely practiced in India and in the Middle East. Eyebrow threadin... Read More »

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Eyebrow threading in Boston?

not sure about in Boston, but I know of a place in Pawtucket (right over the MA/RI border) that does it...

Eyebrow Waxing Or Threading?

I have to wax my eyebrows about every 3 weeks ever since I was 11 and I have super thick eyebrows. I got maybe 4 weeks out of threading. Threading claims to be painless, but I thought it was just a... Read More »

Eyebrow Threading Instructions?

Originating in parts of India and the Middle East, threading is an ancient form of hair removal. Threading has seen a recent surge in popularity mostly due to being an inexpensive and natural alte... Read More »

Side Effects of Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading uses twisted pieces of string wrapped around a follicle of hair to pull the hair out of your skin. This is done repeatedly until all of the hair has been pulled and the eyebrow ha... Read More »