Disadvantages of Nuclear Fusion?

Answer Nuclear fusion has often been hailed as the silver bullet solution to the problems that plague other sources of energy. Proponents claim it's clean, has a virtually limitless supply of hydrogen fue... Read More »

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Is nuclear fusion renewable?

Fusion powered by nuclear reactors run on the mineral uranium. According to energyKIDS, an online information site maintained by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, uranium is a nonrenewabl... Read More »

Who discovered nuclear fusion energy?

Technically, German physicist Hans Bethe was the first person to theorize about the splitting of atoms, or nuclear fusion. He won a Nobel Prize in 1967 for his ideas on fusion, according to the Cal... Read More »

Is nuclear fusion a renewable resource?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, nuclear fusion and other forms of nuclear energy are not renewable energy sources. The government defines renewable energy as being naturally replenished... Read More »

What energy is involved in nuclear fission&fusion?

Fission and fusion share a common end: Both involve a nuclear process that releases massive amounts of energy. In nuclear fission, the nuclei of atoms are split apart and into smaller components. W... Read More »