Disadvantages of Facebook, Myspace,,,, etc ~~?

Answer some people say it leads to a lack of empathy in other people because you can't read moods in electronic communication. i don't think it's true personally though, haha. but anyway, some experts thi... Read More »

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Facebook or Myspace Which is better?

Myspace !Its easier and fun how you get to decorate your profile.And it has everything facebook has but more (:

Myspace or Facebook....?

I have both.I like myspace a little bit better because i can design my own page and make it unique in a way. Facebook can get a little boring, but alot more people use it now. But eh, something abo... Read More »

Facebook VS. Myspace?

Facebook houses far less rapists than Myspace, and is much more private. The interfaces are better and it is easier to use once you get the hang on it. It also has the feature to site how you know ... Read More »

Facebook and MySpace?

Facebook has apps (fun but can get cluttered) and is less customizable/more 'neat', older crowd and more school based connections.Myspace is very messy but allows you to show your personal style th... Read More »