Disadvantage of a scanner?

Answer Are you sure you mean "DISADVANTAGE" and disdvantage of a scanner over WHAT ?Seem to be only 1/2 a question.ADVANTAGE of a scanner, allows you to take printed documents and scan onto a PC in electr... Read More »

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Disadvantage of vacuum cleaners?

they can't get wetThey are noisy, and they do have wet-vac's, standard shop-vac's will suck up water, and yes you can't get the motors wet.

What is a disadvantage of inbreeding?

Air to Air Heat Pump Disadvantage?

Air-to-air heat pumps are used in ventilation systems where air is pulled from the outside to be heated, then expelled in the building. Ideal for climates where temperatures do not remain below fre... Read More »

Advantage and disadvantage of internet?

Advantage; instant information and communication.Disadvantage; social isolation.