Disabled man talking to a table like it's alive, what should I do?

Answer I just dunno what to say...I mean surely you have other workers or the company you work for to talk to about this. Its not really an issue that they talk to there furniture, they obviously have pro... Read More »

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What was the name of the talk show circa 1981 that came on around 3 am and featured women sitting at kitchen table drinking coffee talking about their families and was on NYC channel 11 or 9?

it was Georgia who wins who is 13. she has a sister called Lydia who's 17 and a older sister Sophie who's 20

If you quit working in the because you were disabled could you still claim the disabilities benefits now if you can prove you were disabled at that time?

Answer If I become disabled I will get a check for not working

What is the best thing to say to get my disabled facebook account back it has been disabled for around 3 year?

If it Happen 3 years ago your Not Getting it Back Usually When you Get Disabled your Finished You Probably Were Breaking the Rules And Thats What happens Facebook the Majority of The Time When they... Read More »

How long do disabled veoh accounts stay disabled?