Disability Rights in Illinois?

Answer Illinois provides disability benefits for citizens over age 65 or those who are physically or mentally handicapped. Illinois also provides prescription drug coverage for those who qualify as well ... Read More »

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In Illinois can a biological father who voluntarily relinquished his parental rights reclaim those rights if the child is not adopted within a specific period of time?

Answer No.Once the court has granted the petition for parental rights to be terminated it is permanent. The parent(s) who voluntarily relinquished cannot have them reinstated. A permanent terminat... Read More »

Rights of Fathers in Illinois?

Fathers in the state of Illinois are entitled to create a lasting bond with their children. The relationship status to the mother of those children determines the level of parental rights a father ... Read More »

Illinois Tenant Rights?

Illinois tenant rights are regulated under the Residential Landlord and Tenant Law, which consists of individual acts. These acts provide all the laws relating to a landlord-tenant rental agreement... Read More »

Illinois Public Employees Disability Act?

In 1997, the Illinois General Assembly passed the Public Employee Disability Act, designed to further protect state, county or municipal employees, engaged in specified occupations, in the event th... Read More »