Disability Awareness Ideas?

Answer The Institute of Medicine reports that roughly 40 million Americans have a disability. A disability may range from problems with mobility or hearing to issues that affect normal mental function. Ma... Read More »

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Disability Awareness Lessons?

Disability awareness lessons teach students about the nature of disabilities and, more importantly, how crucial it is to include disabled people in the activities they are able to participate in. D... Read More »

Disability Awareness Crafts for Kids?

Raising disability awareness is important. It is especially vital for children to learn about people with disabilities at an early age. This will help eliminate prejudice and fear and teach toleran... Read More »

Disability Awareness Fact Sheet for Kids?

People with disabilities experience the world in ways that are different from people without disabilities. Learning about different types of disabilities will help you understand the various ways i... Read More »

Ideas for Drug Awareness?

If you are a parent, educator or a student, then you're likely well aware of the threat of drugs on a school and a community. Motivate children to say no to drugs by launching in-school and communi... Read More »