Directions for a Messy Bun?

Answer At the mention of a woman wearing a bun in her hair, your thoughts may initially turn to images of ultra-conservative librarians or business women. However, there is a way to wear your hair in this... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of That Messy Part of Your Messy Room?

Do your parents really mean that your room is like a tornado town? Come on, CLEAN THAT ROOM ALREADY!!!

When reading directions, what does it mean when the directions say, make the 2nd left?

The directions "second left" and "third right" are so self explanitory that any answers here will only confuse you more.Take a taxi, get a chauffer, or memorize a map. That way you'll never be stu... Read More »

How to do a messy bun?

take all your hair and put it to like your putting a high pony tail on top of your head.. make sure its loose and tie it once like a poney take then tie it again but dont go through the whole set o... Read More »

How to make a messy bun...?

pull your hair back, like you are gonna put up a pony tail (for fewer bumps lean your head over and pull your hair back, and then stand normally while putting up bun) after you are holding your hai... Read More »