Directions for Wrapping Black Hair With a Weave?

Answer Wrapping your hair weave at night is one way to maintain a straight hair style for many African American women. When done correctly, you can keep your hair sleek and smooth, or even slightly bent o... Read More »

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How to Make Black Hair Blend in With a Weave?

Making natural black hair blend seamlessly with a weave relies on similar principles as for other colors of hair. You will need to find a weave that has a close a match as possible to the natural l... Read More »

Directions for Wire Wrapping Jewelry?

Wire wrapping is an easy and beautiful way to make your own jewelry. Unlike other jewelry techniques, it doesn't require costly supplies or an elaborate workspace. In that way, it is an ideal start... Read More »

How to Braid and Weave Black Hair?

Braids and weaves give you style versatility and allow your natural hair a rest from daily styling and manipulation. In addition, they're also a fuss-free way to transition from chemically-processe... Read More »

Black Hair Weave Instructions?

The daily rigors of hair care for African American women can be challenging. The excessive use of heat, harsh chemicals and and constant combing and brushing can leave hair dry, over-processed and ... Read More »