Directions for Using Permatex 2B?

Answer Permatex Form-A-Gasket No. 2 Sealant is a black, viscous, slow-drying paste that becomes a pliable film after evaporating. Use it to seal flexible assemblies, flanges and fittings to keep them from... Read More »

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How do I repair vinyl seats using Permatex?

PreparationClean and dry the damaged area. Break the seal at the top of the Permatex tube, and twist on the nozzle. If the damage is extensive, put a cloth patch underneath.Large DamageApply the Pe... Read More »

How to Repair Vinyl Seats Using Permatex?

Vinyl seats are durable. After years of exposure to sunlight and multiple changes in temperature, vinyl surfaces become brittle and tear. Instead of replacing your current torn vinyl seats with new... Read More »

Directions for Using a Wet Saw?

Wet saws are needed for cutting stone, ceramic, some metals and other hard, resistant materials. The wet saw literally bathes the saw blade in water to keep the blade and the material cool. The wat... Read More »

Directions for Using Nutri-Ox?

Zotos is a professional hair product company that has been producing many firsts in the beauty industry, such as the first non-machine permanent wave. Its Nutri-Ox line of products is intended for ... Read More »