Directions for Subtracting Fractions?

Answer Fractions are mathematical ways of expressing specific parts of a whole or sections of a group. For example, if you wanted to use a fraction to represent the statement "Three out of the four girls ... Read More »

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Games for Subtracting Fractions?

The Common Core State Standards Initiative recommends that students begin subtracting fractions in fourth grade. Fifth-graders focus on mastering fractions. When subtracting fractions, students sol... Read More »

Games for Adding & Subtracting Fractions?

Many teachers consider fractions to be one of the most important topics of elementary math. For most students, fractions can be complicating and difficult to learn. Games and different interactive ... Read More »

How to Find the Numerators in Subtracting Fractions?

Fractions show a relationship of a part to a whole. Fractions are written with a number on top or to the left, followed by a slash or dash and a number on bottom or to the right. The number on top ... Read More »

Ideas for Adding & Subtracting Fractions?

Fractions are easier to multiply and divide than add and subtract. Multiplying fractions is like multiplying integers, division is just flipping one fraction and then multiplying. Addition and subt... Read More »