Directions for Split Ring Tatting?

Answer Split ring tatting can be made with a single tatting shuttle. Split rings are used to make tatted lace edges. Split rings are made by wrapping the thread onto itself into a curved line of knots or ... Read More »

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How Do I Join Rows of Split Rings in Tatting?

Joining a Row of Split RingsCut a 40-inch length of thread and thread your tatting needle. Start the first split ring by making five double stitches. Join this ring to an already completed ring by ... Read More »

Split Rail Fence Directions?

Split-rail fences are one of the easiest fences to build and maintain. You can stack the rails as a zigzagging "worm" fence or suspend them between posts. You can leave the wood unfinished or apply... Read More »

How to Use a Tatting Shuttle?

After you have read the basics for beginning tatting in Begin Tatting, it is helpful to learn step by step how to use a tatting shuttle to begin your tatting. It is assumed you have read Begin Tatt... Read More »

What is a tatting shuttle?

The art of tatting, adapted from the ancient skills of fishing net makers, creates lace by manipulating a shuttle to loop and knot thread into a decorative pattern. Although smaller than the net ma... Read More »