Directions for Saddle & Bridle Repair?

Answer No matter what breed of horse you own or what style of riding you do, your saddle and bridle are essential pieces of safety equipment. You should check the condition of your tack each and every tim... Read More »

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Parts of a Bridle & Saddle?

You have to be a great horse rider to ride bareback. Modern bridles and saddles make riding a horse easier by giving you control over the horse and his movements. Beginning equestrians should be fa... Read More »

Directions for Using Paintless Dent Repair Tools?

Small dents to your car's bodywork can happen in many ways: a bump from a supermarket trolley, someone sitting or standing on the car, or a small collision in a crowded car park. Whatever the cause... Read More »

The Meaning of Bridle?

Bridle is a word of Germanic origin that dates to earlier than 900 A.D. It can be used as a noun or a verb, and can also be coupled with different endings to produce "bridled" or "bridling." It gen... Read More »

How to Size a Bridle?

Owning a horse is a dream for many people. Whether you ride for fun, to race, or for animal therapy you will need to own the proper equipment for the horse. A good saddle will often be the first pu... Read More »