Directions for Pine Cone Air Freshener Crafts?

Answer Pine cones are a sure sign of autumn and often collected for use in decorations and crafts. Even stores sell decorative and scented pine cones during autumn and the holiday season. Rather than buy ... Read More »

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Pine Cone Crafts for Middle School Art Students?

A walk through the park should yield enough natural items such as pine cones to supply several middle school classes with an art activity. Materials are inexpensive, and projects can be completed i... Read More »

How to Make Pine Cone Liquor?

Pine cones are the reproductive structures on softwood pine trees. They are cone shaped with the seeds packed together and forming protruding ridges. When older and dried, they separate and turn br... Read More »

Can you plant pine cone seeds?

Pine trees can grow from planting pine cone seeds but it will take a lot of time and work. After drying out pine cone seeds, plant them indoors in individual pots to start out, and give them plenty... Read More »

How to Store a Ginger Pine Cone?

Pine Cone Ginger -- known botanically as the cone of Zingiber zerumbet -- is also known colloquially as Pine Cone Lily. It is a tropical flowering evergreen that produces a large decorative flower... Read More »