Directions for Making an Apron?

Answer An apron can make a plain dress into a prairie girl costume or a choir robe into a pilgrim costume. Half aprons are stylish again, so sew up a matching set of mother/daughter aprons for a useful f... Read More »

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Directions for Making Lampshades?

Thoughtfully designed lampshades add color and depth to a room's decor. Lampshades are sold in a variety of sizes, shape, designs and colors that are sure to satisfy anyone's taste. However, you do... Read More »

Directions for Making Perfume?

Frustrated by the prohibitive prices of world-renowned perfumes? You can slash the cost and experiment with new scents by making your own perfume. The directions are simple, and most of the materia... Read More »

Directions for Making a Quipu?

The Incan civilization flourished between 1438 and 1532 AD. Their culture was wiped out by Spanish conquistadors who recorded much about their ways. The Incas did not have an alphabet or a formal w... Read More »

Kilt Making Directions?

The tartan cloth required for a kilt has a significant history in Scotland. While tartan cloth was once proscribed by law in Scotland, it is currently considered a national garment. For example, th... Read More »