Directions for Making Cornhusk Flowers?

Answer Corn is a nutritious and versatile vegetable. Almost every part of the corn cob can be used in various recipes, including the husks. Dried parts of the corn cob, such as the husk, also can be used ... Read More »

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Directions for Making Fondant Flowers?

Flat fondant flowers can be beautiful and simple to make. 3-D fondant flowers can be beautiful as well, but they require a lot more time to construct and dry. Many professional cake decorators pref... Read More »

Directions for Making Polygons?

A polygon is a geometric figure that is made up of a number of straight sides that joined together to form an enclosed area. There are many specific types of well-known polygons, such as rectangles... Read More »

Directions on Making a Teepee?

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The Incan civilization flourished between 1438 and 1532 AD. Their culture was wiped out by Spanish conquistadors who recorded much about their ways. The Incas did not have an alphabet or a formal w... Read More »