Directions for Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machines?

Answer Normal vacuuming removes light dirt and soil but over time it builds up. A steam cleaner is used to clean carpet deeply once or twice a year. Bissell is a brand of vacuums which offers a several st... Read More »

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How do I use the Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

AssemblyAttach the vacuum hose of your Bissell cleaner to the hose door. Turn clockwise until you hear a click. Attach the hose solution line by placing the fitted end into your carpet cleaning mac... Read More »

What is the name of the cleaning fluid for Bissell SpotBot?

Only Bissell advanced cleaning formulas should be used in the SpotBot. Non-Bissell cleaning solutions could cause damage and void the warranty. Examples of Bissell advanced cleaning formulas includ... Read More »

How to Maintain a Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

Got a Bissell Carpet Cleaner? This article will teach you how to clean it, change the belt, and disassemble it properly. Remember this machine is NOT as easy to work on as it looks.

How do I use a Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner?

Clear the Room and Pretreat the CarpetMove the furniture from the area you are cleaning. Vacuum the carpet to remove loose debris from the floor. Spray a pretreating solution into heavily stained a... Read More »