Directions for Adding Fractions?

Answer Before attempting to add fractions, familiarize yourself with some important terms. Recall that the top number of a fraction is the numerator and the bottom number is the denominator. If you are ad... Read More »

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How to Solve Adding Fractions?

Working with fractions is a necessary skill in a variety of situations. For example, cooking often requires adding different fractional amounts of ingredients, sewing usually involves adding fracti... Read More »

Interactive Games for Adding Fractions?

A wide variety of interactive games for adding fractions exist online. Pie charts and lines provide graphic illustrations of fraction addition and lowest common denominator reductions in online gam... Read More »

Math Games for Adding Fractions?

Math games can offer children a hands-on, interactive approach to improving their understanding of fractions. Teaching children how to add fractions through the use of games can turn learning this ... Read More »

Ideas for Adding & Subtracting Fractions?

Fractions are easier to multiply and divide than add and subtract. Multiplying fractions is like multiplying integers, division is just flipping one fraction and then multiplying. Addition and subt... Read More »